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New Book Release - Two for the Woods

The new publication, Two for The Woods, written by displaced Mt. Gretnan Tom Meredith, goes on sale May 20 at the 125th anniversary Sweet Treat event sponsored by the Jigger Shop. Cost will be $25 or $20 for Mount Gretna Area Historical Society members.

Written in the same format of photo and text spreads as his earlier Listed! it tells the story of "fraternal twins" responding to the challenges of creating real communities in the woods -- responses that were sometimes similar, sometimes different.

With more than fifty photographs, some of them generously lent by Max Hark's great-granddaughter, the past and the present become visible and Dr. Hark takes on a real personality. Written especially for the 125th anniversary celebration, Two for The Woods captures the "spirit of Mt. Gretna" as the "twins" grow from birth to maturity.

A Perennial Spirit; Mt Gretna Documentary DVD
This hour-long video traces the history of the Mount Gretna from its origins as a pristine forested area identified by industrialist Peter Grubb in the 1760's as an ideal location for launching his iron ore business to its present day status as a tranquil, picturesque area noted for its cottage-lined streets, historic century-old cottages, vibrant arts community and exceptional quality of life.
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An Excursion into Mt. Gretna's History and Its Narrow Gauge Railroad
Enjoy Jack Bitner's history of Mt. Gretna on a 2-DVD boxed set which includes the early history of the Chautauqua and Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Spring/Summer Notecards: four Mt. Gretna Spring/Summer Scenes by Madelaine Gray (2 each of four different photos per packet).

Winter Notecards: four Mt. Gretna Winter Scenes by Earl Lenington (2 each of four different photos per packet).

Pennsylvania National Guard The Mt. Gretna Years 1885 - 1935
DVD with 140 photos and music chronicling the 1885 to 1935 story of the Pennsylvania National Guard's Mount Gretna encampment. Created by Jim Seltzer.

Mount Gretna: A Coleman Legacy, fourth edition, is now available.

MTG oval label

MTG decal, 5.75" x 3.75".

Mt. Gretna Review: The Life and Times of J. Max Hark

Booklet Mt. Gretna Narrow Gauge Railroad, 1889-1915 by Jack Bitner

Booklet The Mt. Gretna Maximum Security State Prison

Mount Gretna Narrow Gauge Railroad Spike mounted with a brass plaque; limited supply available.

Proceeds benefit the Mt. Gretna Area Historical Society. All items are available for purchase at the Society headquarters located at 206 Pennsylvania Avenue (see limited hours on homepage).