We are please to welcome our 3 new board members: Bob Eynon, Robert Rader, and Kathy Niven. Please read their biographies below.

Bob Eynon

As some personal background, my wife Kathy and I have two grown children and two
grandchildren, all within an hour and a half drive. They love to visit us here. I grew up
in Bucks County Pennsylvania, but have also lived in North Carolina in the early years
of marriage and work. I have been living in Mount Gretna since 2015 after a
discovering that my new workplace at that time was twelve minute commute (versus
and hour) and having previously been introduced to the area by a friend who has a
cottage in Camp Meeting. Kathy and I had lived in the Reading, PA area for 23 years
and had been looking for community to settle into that was walkable and vibrant
and that our children and grandchildren would love to come to. Little did we know
all those years it was so close and so special.
Professionally, I graduated from the College of New Jersey with a B.S. degree in
Chemistry. For most of my thirty-plus year career I managed Quality Systems in the
chemical, consumer products, cosmetics, and lastly pharmaceutical packaging
Locally, I currently volunteer at the MGAHS Museum, Gretna theatre concession
stand, the Art Show, help Kathy with the Cicada Festival, as well as serve on the
Mount Gretna Borough Council.

Robert Rader

I was born in northeast Ohio too long ago to remember. I grew up there and in the
Finger Lakes region of New York.
I worked 35+ years for the University of New Hampshire in IT administration. During
that time I focused mostly on maintaining and administering UNH’s large Datacenter
and their server “farm” and large data storage devices.
My wife, Kristi, who was born in Lebanon, PA, and I moved to Mount Gretna after
retiring in 2016. We own an historic cottage (circa 1910 – 1920) in The Campmeeting .
We bought the cottage in 2007 and spent 10+ years fixing it, so I am very familiar
with cottage maintenance and repair.
I enjoy tinkering on things, which really means fixing things after I’ve broken them. I
am an avid reader, and, because I’m new here, I enjoy learning the history of this
area. Kristi and I also spend lots of time hiking and biking our great local trails.
I currently work with Art Murry and Barb Close in maintaining MGAHS computers
and have done so for several years. I enjoy physical labor and could be helpful with
grounds and building maintenance.

Kathy Niven

I have a BA from Antioch College and a JD from SUNY Buffalo School of Law. I
practiced as an attorney and specialized in workers compensation and social
security disability. I sold my practice two years ago and am currently in the PhD
program in American Studies at Penn State. I have had a lifelong interest in
history, antiques, old houses and preservation. I was Chief Counsel of the
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission for several years.
I have restored several historic homes. My current project is a 1940’s chestnut
log house located off lake view drive. The fireplace is made from the old hotel
stone, so I have a real connection to Mt. Gretna. I first bought a house on Village
Cove Road about twenty years ago as a weekend/summer house. My kids had
such a wonderful time here! I now live here full time with my youngest son, Sam.
I’m really looking forward to particip