Your Opportunity to Help Us Document History in the Making: Collecting Your Stories and Photos

We are living in one of the most unique times in history. It is only natural that Mount Gretna Area Historical Society is creating a digital archive of stories, photos and videos that tell the story of the Mount Gretna area during this time and which future generations will appreciate.

We need YOUR HELP. These photos, taken by Pat Allwein, show current scenes from around the town. Would you (from kids to adults) send in a photo and/or video, story, poem or song that captures your experience during this time?

If you can take a photo that has an identifying mark that shows where it was taken that’s even better. We get wonderful old photos donated to us but often they have no identifying text or landmarks on them to place them as part of Mount Gretna’s story so text and date or some familiar landmark accompanying the photo is important.

You can email us your stories, and photos by clicking HERE. For videos, because of the file size, if you know how to put them in Google Drive or Dropbox and then send us the link that would be best or email us and we will figure out another way to transfer them.