Leave a Legacy

  • Contribute to the endowment to ensure the continuation and proper care of our collection.
  • Bestow securities or property that have appreciated in value and may provide attractive tax savings.
  • Give through a will, trusts, or other long-range financial instruments.
  • Donate personal collections related to the Mount Gretna Area.

Please speak with your financial advisor or attorney about a bequest or contact us at mtgretnahistory@gmail.com.

What does my gift support?

Essential to Mt Gretna Area Historical Society’s daily operations and programs, your generous donation provides support where it is most needed. Help us sustain our involvement in the preservation of Mt. Gretna’s varied history. By doing so you will be responsible for:

  • Providing visitors with access to historic objects and documents from the area
  • The care and conservation of the treasures of Mt Gretna and its surrounding area
  • Helping us create community events and outreach programs
  • Purchasing historic artifacts before they are lost forever
  • Creating research opportunities for area residents and students
  • Providing internships and volunteer experiences for college students
  • Sharing family written and oral histories to be available to future generations

Membership dues and donations support educational tours and events, restoration efforts, and the Junior Historian Program – developed to link local high school students with volunteer opportunities at the museum.